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Could you strip the fiber correctly?

As we all know, the important and key step in fiber fusion is "stripping fiber ", and many people will encounter the situation that the fiber is easy to break or the fiber coating is not clean. This repeated operation undoubtedly increases the whole fiber fusion time,. Therefore, it is very important to have a good helper- CFS-3 stripper.  CFS-3 Miller pliers will bring you new options, new experience.

Could you strip the fiber correctly?

CFS-3 pliers are forged from high carbon steel with high hardness, corrosion resistance and not easy to rust. The small holes used to peel the coating are designed with a positive circle so that you can easily peel the coating without damaging the optical fiber. At the same time, it also has an automatic reset spring, which can be operated by one hand, simple and easy. Rubber handle, comfortable grip firm. Here is a reminder that there should be no impurities in the holes of the fiber-stripping Miller pliers, and if so, be sure to clear them in time.

Could you strip the fiber correctly?

What's "strip the fiber"? In fact, it refers to the stripping out of the fiber core in the optical fiber cable, which includes, but is not limited to, the plastic layer in the outer layer, the steel wire in the middle, the plastic layer in the inner layer, and the coating layer on the fiber surface. When we strip the fiber coating, we should follow the principle of "flat, stable and fast".

"Flat ", pay attention to holding fiber to flat, exposed length to 20~30 mm; " stable ", pay attention to stripping forceps to hold steady, can not tremble, shake. Otherwise, it may lead to fiber breakage ; " fast ", pay attention to peeling fiber fast, smoothly push out along the fiber axis, the whole process should be one-step, as far as possible to peel the fiber thoroughly. After stripping, remember to use the fiber cleaning paper dipped in anhydrous alcohol to wipe the bare fiber, and then do the next operation.

In fact ," stripping "is common in daily optical fiber construction, but the simple operation is often easy to be despised. Having a reliable Miller pliers is essential for a one-time "stripping" success, and Tawaa CFS-3 Miller pliers are your trusted, ideal fiber tool.