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How to use fiber cleaver correctly?

With the acceleration of the construction process of 5G communication network, the construction period of optical fiber has become more and more tight, it is predicted that the total number of 5G base stations will be opened by the end of 2020 more than 550000...... As one of the necessary tasks of daily communication construction, optical fiber fusion has become a common practice for field technicians. Time is tight, the task is heavy, how to effectively improve the efficiency of fuse? Correct and rational use of fiber-optic cleaver will significantly improve your efficiency. So how to use the fiber clever correctly?

TFC-55 optical fiber cleaver adopts high strength tungsten steel refining blade, flat cutting surface, cutting angle ≤0.5 degrees, and the cutting blade service life up to 48000 times, enough to meet the needs of optical fiber cutting.

Here, TAWAA takes you to understand the correct use of cleaver

1、Use CFS-3 Miller pliers to peel off the fiber coating and gently wipe off the stripped part with a clean paper dipped in alcohol;

2、Place the fiber on the clamp and cover (note that the fiber is placed in the appropriate size slot);

3、 Cover the upper cover and push the slide, that is, the cutting is complete;

4、 When opening the fixture, take out the fiber, be careful not to damage the end face of the fiber, and put the waste fiber in the waste bin;

5、 When you don't use the fiber-optic cutter for a long time, you should try to ensure that the cover is closed.

However, in the actual working conditions, it is not so smooth, often because of the uneven cutting of optical fiber and other reasons, the welding loss is large or can not be welded. So what is the reason for the uneven fiber cutting? It's not just the cutting process, it's also the cleaver itself.

1、The blade is too high. Treatment: Reduce blade height;
2、The upper and lower pads do not match. Treatment measures: replace the pad, adjust the position of the upper pressure plate, magnet position;
3、The slider wobbles or is not horizontal. Treatment: Adjust or replace slider;
4、Blade ageing. Treatment: Replace blade cutting section or blade。

In order to ensure the effect of fiber cleaver, it is suggested that technicians should regularly clean the clever, maintain and care carefully in daily use, so as to effectively prolong its service life。

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