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High-precision dual-fixture fiber cleaver FC-30 will be available soon

At present, the 5G trend can be said to be sweeping the world, and all countries are stepping up the construction of 5G networks. Thanks to this, the optical fiber communication tool industry is also developing rapidly.

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TAWAA Tools Handheld Fiber Cleaver FC-20 will be unveiled soon

The global 5G network construction process can continue to advance, and the products involved in the infrastructure mainly include three parts: optical fiber and cable, optical devices and optical communication equipment.

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How to use fiber cleaver correctly?

With the acceleration of the construction process of 5G communication network, the construction period of optical fiber has become more and more tight, it is predicted that the total number of 5G base stations will be opened by the end of 2020 more than 5

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A variety kinds of Cable Slitter

Along with 5G communication development, the optical communication is developing rapidly. In the process of communication network construction, stripping optical fiber cable has become the "daily routine.

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Could you strip the fiber correctly?

As we all know, the important and key step in fiber fusion is "stripping fiber ", and many people will encounter the situation that the fiber is easy to break or the fiber coating is not clean.

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